Our Dogs Titles!


                                                          Our Dogs titles!

All following titles are done by us or where indicated are dogs we have bred and titled by other people. A huge thank you to those people for putting in the time and effort to gain those titles!

Groenendael -

Aust CH Chamshep Andronica Ash
Aust CH Chamshep Andronica Black ( titled by A Wakefield)
Aust CH Dragonweyr Imposatan

Aust CH Chamshep Dark Desire ( titled by B Stanton)
Aust CH Timmar Legend O Tassie
Aust CH QLCA F CH Mirribandi Queens Opal ET HIC

Aust CH Wolfonyx Alcatraz ET
Aust CH Wolfonyx Folklore
Aust CH Wolfonyx Firestorm
Aust CH Braybonee Drawcard
Aust CH Chamshep What Attitude


Laekenois -

Aust CH Estor V Springwood ET (owned by B & C Denniss, titled by us)
Aust CH Blackwolf L Braylee
Aust CH Blackwolf L Crispian
Aust CH Chamshep Red Funk


Malinois -

Aust CH Roadsend Amber Lights ( over 600CCpts)
Aust CH/Aust GR CH Lesadret Zibette ET ( over 1000CCpts)
Aust CH Chamshep Darque Jewels ( titled by R Scott. Added over 200 CC pts when returned home)
Aust CH Chamshep Darque Flame ( titled by R Scott. Approx 600CC pts added by C Luke)

Aust CH/Aust GR CH/QLCA F CH Chamshep Dare Devil CD ET HIC HT (all titles except CD done by us)
Aust CH Weedram M Copper Coin ET
Aust CH QLCA F CH Manava Kim ET
Aust CH Chamshep Gia Rahnee
Aust CH Chamshep Intessieshonor
Aust CH Chamshep Just My Tessie ET 
Aust CH Chamshep Just Chelsea ( titled by C Denniss)
Aust CH Chamshep Kayla ( titled by P Beer)
Aust CH Chamshep Nazelle HIC
Aust/Am/Can CH QLCA F CH Merson's Flipper Anderson HIC (USA) HIC (AUST) ET (USA & CAN Titles done by breeder)
Aust CH Wolfonyx Gold Streak

Aust CH Chamshep Peekerboolover HIC
Aust CH Chamshep Simply Stunning
Aust CH Chamshep Tacoha
Aust CH Chamshep Volcanic Flames
Aust CH Nordenstamm Prado
Aust CH Chamshep Volcanic Cinders
Aust CH Chamshep Volcanic Ashe
Aust CH Chamshep Volcanic Explosion
​Aust CH Wolfonyx Justice Crew
​Aust CH Chamshep Zander Anderson
​Aust CH Chamshep Boundary Rider
​Aust CH Chamshep Beauty Pagent



Tervueren -

Aust CH Belvueren Storm Fire
Aust CH QLCA F CH Mirribandi Blazin Amber
Aust CH Chamshep Tiara

Rhodesian Ridgeback -

Aust CH Ambremercury Tulsa ET
Aust CH Illbebak As The Boss

German Shepherd -

Aust CH Axelholme Bigbucks (Co owned with J Morgan)
Aust CH Chamshep Cyndy ET
Aust CH Heiko Cookie Monster - BEST IN GROUP WINNER
Aust CH Heiko Bone Head - BEST IN GROUP WINNER
Malachi Black Pearl ET
QLCA F CH Mickshep Black Bart
QLCA F CH Macklin Ginger Flash
Macklin Satan Pearl
Aust CH Heiko Lady Lucifer - BEST IN GROUP WINNER
Aust CH Stunadel Extreme - RUBIG WINNER
Aust CH Wolfonyx Cotton Candy - BEST IN GROUP WINNER
​Aust CH Volscain Yambo - BEST IN GROUP WINNER
​Aust CH Wolfonyx Fame N Fortune
​Aust CH Wolfonyx Ask Me To Dance

Australian Shepherds -

Aust CH Lanbart Black is the New Blue (Owned by Tracy Hessengberger & Steve Oakey)
Aust CH Lanbart Music City Blues
Aust CH Wajoma Cheque Me Out
Aust CH Chamshep Billie B Brown
Aust CH / NZ CH Kinbrace All That And More (IMP NZ)

Aust Silky Terriers -

Aust CH Jemaren Captivation
Aust CH Jemaren Light Nin Jake
Aust CH Wolfonyx Jamaican Rum
Aust CH Wolfonyx Jai La Brittany
Aust CH Willame Gunna B Smoky Blu
Aust CH Kindee Dixie Chic
Aust CH Willame Angel N Blu
Aust CH Wolfonyx Roxanne
Aust CH Chamshep High Octane
​Aust CH Chamshep Power N Glory
Aust CH Chamshep Ona Lucky Stryk
​Aust CH Chamshep Bella Angel
​Aust CH Chamshep Just A Princess


White Swiss Shepherd Dog -

Aust CH Eternalnike Amando (IMP NZ)
​Aust CH Pandorras Mountain Creek (IMP NZ)
​Aust CH Eishund Man On The Prowl


Endurance Test title
Herding titles (instinct & tests)
QLD Lure Coursing Field CH title
Aust GRAND CH title


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